Bantayan Island Airport

The new Bantayan Island Airport will open this October. The newly upgraded Bantayan Island Airport is scheduled to be inaugurated on October 16, 2020. The Php 94.4 million upgradings and the paving project involved lengthening the airport from 900 meters to 1,200 meters. The airport could accommodate bigger planes. Source: @PIADesk via Assistant Secretary Jonji … Read more

Alicia Schist

Alicia Schist is Bohol’s oldest rock. ​Found in the mountains of southeastern Bohol, the Alicia Schist is a metamorphic rock formed during the Cretaceous Period or about 65 million years ago. It is highly chloritic and shows different lithologic variations. The rock is exposed in the towns of Ubay and in Alicia where it got … Read more


MeeT ‘WAYI’, the Visayan leopard cat rescued from a market in Calinog, Iloilo. She was fostered at the Mariit Wildlife Center and Conservation Park in Lambunao. One of her foster pawrents said Wayi was about a month old when brought to the center, where she roamed freely instead of being caged. The pawrents took turns … Read more


Ramillete In Spanish, the term means “bunch” or “cluster”. A ramillete de flores means “bouquet of flowers”. In the Philippines, a ramillete has been associated with a type of ornamentation found in old Catholic altars flanking sacred images or ecclesiastical objects. These ornaments replicate flowers and are sometimes topped with candlestick holders. Regalado Trota Jose, … Read more