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June 1 is Global Day of Parents, so don’t forget to express our love and appreciation for our dear parents and parent figures today!

Tagálog (Filipino): magúlang (root: gúlang “age”)

Root Word
ARI • (AH-rih)
(to) take after, (to) resemble one’s parent or ancestor; (to) end up like
Tagálog (Filipino): túlad (“to be like”, verbs: matúlad, tumúlad)

Heteronyms (words with the same spelling but different meanings and pronunciation):
ÁRI – to take after one’s parent/ancestor
ÁRÎ – king; to reign over
These words only differ by a glottal stop at the end of árî.

Verb Conjugation
mangári, mángári, méngári – to take after, to resemble one’s parent or ancestor; to end up like (Actor Focus)

Example Sentence
Méngári ku karing péngári ku. [Kap]
Nagmána akó sa mgá magúlang ko. [Tag]
I take after my parents. [Eng]

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