Philippine Native Plants List

antipolo tree
Antipolo Tree | Image Credit: Youth for Earth Society |  fb/YESforEarth/

Philippine Native Plants List

Some of the Philippines’ native plants! Are you familiar with them?

Antipolo Tree (Artocarpus blancoi)
Family: Moraceae Endemic
Type of plant: Tree
Other names: Tipolo, Pakak

Family: Lamiaceae Indigenous
Type of plant: Shrub or small tree
Other names: Fireworks Tree, Starburst, and Bunga de Febrero

Family: Lauraceae
Species Distribution: Native (17 of which are Endemic)

Dao (Dracontomelon dao)
Family: Anacardiaceae Indigenous
Type of plant: Large tree
Other names: Pacific walnut

Eucalyptus Tree (Eucalyptus deglupta)
Family: Myrtaceae
Species Distribution: Indigenous to the Philippines specifically in Mindanao

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