Plaza Rizal Tagbilaran City

plaza rizal tagbilaran city
Plaza Rizal Tagbilaran City | National Museum Bohol (@natmuseumbol), Old photos courtesy of Marianito Luspo from the Gallares-Gallardo Collection, and night shot by Crispy Miranda

Plaza Rizal Tagbilaran City

“Pamanang Lokal: Binhi ng Kulturang Pilipino”

A once simple estate situated in front of the Tagbilaran Cathedral Church and the former Provincial Capitol building, the Plaza Rizal was established in 1860 and laid out in conformity with the 1573 ordinance of King Philip II imposed on Spanish colonies.

At the beginning of American statute in the Philippines, the spirit of nationalism further progressed among Filipinos, thus to gain loyalty, the Americans recognized Dr. Jose P. Rizal as a National Hero—leading to the rise of his monuments. By 1912, Rizal’s monument along with a neoclassical bandstand was built in Tagbilaran.

Towards the end of the 20th century, new features such as the fountain and a concrete chess kiosk were added. Eventually, the government erected more monuments inside public parks all over the Philippines honoring Rizal’s legacy.

Through time, several modifications have taken place in the plaza. After the 7.2 magnitude Bohol Earthquake in 2013, this heritage complex was declared an Important Cultural Property became part of the restoration and improvement project of the National Museum of the Philippines, and was turned over to the Bohol Provincial Government last June 18, 2021.

As we celebrate National Heritage Month this May, we encourage everyone to participate in the preservation of Plaza Rizal by keeping the area clean and orderly.

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