Who Has The Power Remove A Punong Barangay From Office?

Who do you think has the power to remove a Punong Barangay from office?

The synchronized barangay and Sangguniang Kabataan elections are just a few
days away. May 14 is the time that people will vote for barangay and SK officials.

The sweet-talking candidates will do anything to win the election.

The position I’m concerned about is the position of the Punong Barangay.

The Punong Barangay or Barangay Chairperson is a powerful public officer.
He/She can do the following:

  • Enforce all laws and ordinances which are applicable within the Barangay
  • Negotiate, enter into, and sign contracts for and on behalf of the Barangay, upon
    authorization of the Sangguniang Barangay
  • Maintain public order in the Barangay and, in pursuance thereof, assist the city or
    municipal mayor and the sanggunian members in the performance of their duties and
  • Call and preside over the sessions of the Sangguniang Barangay and the Barangay
    assembly, and vote only to break a tie
  • Upon approval by a majority of all the members of the Sangguniang Barangay,
    appoint or replace the Barangay treasurer, the Barangay secretary, and other
    appointive Barangay officials
  • Organize and lead an emergency group whenever the same may be necessary for
    the maintenance of peace and order or on occasions of emergency or calamity within
    the Barangay
  • In coordination with the Barangay development council, prepare the annual executive
    and supplemental budgets of the Barangay
  • Approve vouchers relating to the disbursement of Barangay funds
  • Enforce laws and regulations relating to pollution control and protection of the
  • Administer the operation of the Katarungang PamBarangay in accordance with the
    provisions of this Code
  • Exercise general supervision over the activities of the Sangguniang Kabataan
  • Ensure the delivery of basic services
  • Conduct an annual palarong Barangay which shall feature traditional sports and
    disciplines included in national and international games, in coordination with the
    Department of Education, Culture, and Sports
  • Promote the general welfare of the Barangay
  • Exercise such other powers and perform such other duties and functions as may be
    prescribed by law or ordinance
  • In the performance of his peace and order functions, the Punong Barangay shall be
    entitled to possess and carry the necessary firearm within his territorial jurisdiction,
    subject to appropriate rules and regulations
remove a punong barangay from office
Powers of Punong Barangay

What will happen if the people elect a bad barangay captain or punong barangay?

Bad. I mean he/she violates the law by engaging in illegal drug activities,
illegal gambling, white slave trade, or appropriating barangay funds and
other acts of graft and corruption.

What can the people in the barangay do?

Can the punong barangay be removed from office?

The answer is yes.

Which government agency or branch of government has the power to remove a
punong barangay from office.

Somebody told me that the Sangguniang bayan has the power to remove the
punong barangay from office.

Another said the Mayor has the power to remove a punong barangay from office.

Another even said the President of the Philippines.

Well, yes, a Punong Barangay may be removed from office when he/she does
something against the law.

The Sangguniang Bayan had no power to remove a Punong Barangay from office as one said.

The Philippine Courts are vested with the power to remove a punong barangay.

The mayor may suspend a punong barangay from office but only the court has
the power to order the removal from office.

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