Salidumay | @PIA_Cordillera via PIA Abra

Salidumay is officially selected for the 11th International Film Festival Manhattan in New York City to be held on October 14-17, 2021.

Salidumay is a short film highlighting Cordilleran Culture on Courtship and Marriage.

It features “Ayo” (Mai Fanglayan), a Tingguian from Abra with mixed Ibaloi blood who goes on her first date with “Franz” (Kenneth Jhayve Bautista), a former seminarian who grew up in Abra but moved to Baguio City.

The differences between Ayo and Franz lead to a collision of expectations and perspectives but amidst the tension lies a glimmer of hope for the would-be couple.

This short film was Directed by Abrenian Filmmaker and Actor Dexter Macaraeg which is his 7th Film selection already in the international arena.

Mabuhay ang Pelikulang Pilipino!

Source: Philippine Information Agency Abra

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