On This Day, May 14

By | May 14, 2019
bonifacio flores arevalo may 14

Bonifacio Flores Arevalo, born May 14, 1850. | Image Source: edhistoryph | retrato.com


On this day, May 14, in 1850, Filipino dentist, reformist, and patron of the arts Bonifacio Flores Arevalo was born. He learned dentistry from his uncle and foster father Don Jose Arevalo (also known as Capitan Cheng-Cheng), the first Filipino dentist.

He was elected treasurer of La Liga Filipina and founder of the Sociedad Dental de Filipinas.

He opened a dental clinic in Quiapo, Manila in 1876. In 1892, he joined Rizal’s Liga Filipina and was elected treasurer. He is also the founder of the Sociedad Dental de Filipinas, the first professional organization for Filipino dentists.

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