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It’s World Religion Day! Kapampángans are known to be some of the most devout Catholics, and their strong faith in God is reflected in Kapampángan culture with their extreme practices such as actual crucifixions and self-flagellations during Holy Week.

SALPANTÁYÂ • (suhl-puhn-TAH-ya’)
Tagálog (Filipino): sampalatáyà

From Sanskrit सम्प्रत्यय (sampratyaya) “firm conviction; perfect trust; confidence; faith; belief”)

Derived Word
KASALPANTAYÁNAN • (kuh-suhl-puhn-tuh-YAH-nuhn)
faith, belief in…
Tagálog (Filipino): panánampalatáyà

Verb Conjugation
salpantáyâ, sásalpantáyâ, sínalpantáyâ – to have faith in, believe in (Actor Focus)
salpantayánan, sasalpantayánan, silpantayánan – to have faith in, believe in (Object Focus)

Example Sentence
Sásalpantáyá ku king Ginu. [Kap]
Sumásampalatáyà akó sa Panginoón. [Tag]
I have faith/believe in the Lord. [Eng]

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