On this day, September 19

dfa building september 19 1991
DFA Building | Image Credit: @DFAPHL

On this day, September 19, in 1991, Republic Act No. 7157 or the “Philippine Foreign Service Act” was enacted.

This law aims to strengthen PH Foreign Service by enhancing the skills & competencies of the Career Foreign Service Corps, ensuring meritorious promotions in the Foreign Service & upgrading the salaries & allowance of foreign service personnel in PH & overseas.


On this day, September 19, 2019, is the 5th death anniversary of national artist for music Francisco F. Feliciano.

Francisco F. Feliciano’s major works are

  1. Ashen Wings (1995),
  2. Sikhay sa Kabila ng Paalam (1993),
  3. La Loba Negra (1983),
  4. Yerma (1982),
  5. Pamugun (1995), and
  6. Pokpok Alimako (1981).


On this day, September 19, in 1910, Arturo M. Tolentino, former Secretary of Foreign Affairs, was born in Manila.

Tolentino served as Foreign Affairs Secretary from July 1984 to February 1985. He also served as Senate President of the 6th Congress of the Philippines.