MAL • (muhl)(1) expensive; (2) valuable, precious, dearTagálog (Filipino): mahal EtymologyFrom Sanskrit महार्घ (mahārgha) “expensive; precious, valuable”, via Malay mahal “expensive” Derived word:PÁKAMÁLAN • (PAH-kuh-MAH-luhn)to hold dear/precious; to cherishTagálog (Filipino): minámahal, tinatángì PAKAMAL • (puh-kuh-MUHL)valuing, cherishing, adoration, loveTagálog (Filipino): pagmamahál Verb Conjugation:kumamal, kákamal, kínamal – to become expensive (actor focus)mikamál, mikakamál, míkamal – to become … Read more


The Pabasa or the days-long chanting of the Pasiun that everyone will hear from afar throughout Holy Week is said to have its roots in pre-colonial customs of chanting epic poems during festivals that were eventually supplanted by the Biblical salvation story. This goes to show that precolonial Philippine literature was primarily transmitted through oral … Read more


Panulu Today we feature a unique Kapampángan sentence about “curing” one’s hunger first when the food isn’t ready yet! PANÚLU • (puh-NOO-loo)medicine, medicationTagálog (Filipino): gamót Root WordÚLU • (OO-loo)(to) cure, treat, medicateTagálog (Filipino): gamót False FriendsKapampángan úlu = (to) cure, treat, medicateTagalog úlo = head (anatomy) Derived WordsPIPÁNULUAN • (pih-PAH-noo-lwuhn)medical center, hospital, clinicTagálog (Filipino): págámútan … Read more


Ayunu How do you say “fasting” & “abstinence” in your language? Kapampángan has distinct words for these disciplines which are observed during the Lenten season, so let’s learn about their differences! AYÚNU • (uh-YOO-noo)a fast (not eating); fastingSimilar: kulasiun (“light meal during fasting”)Etymology: Spanish ayuno (“fast”)Tagálog (Filipino): ayúno PANGÍLIN • (puh-NGEE-lin)something refrained or abstained from, … Read more


Kule Happy International Color Day! Just like the different languages of the world, colors exist in a diverse spectrum that gives us an idea of the different ways we view and navigate our world! How do you say “color” in your language? KÚLÉ • (KOO-leh)colorTagálog (Filipino): kúlay Derived WordsMAKÚLÉ • (muh-KOO-leh)colorfulTagálog (Filipino): makúlay KAKÚLÉ • … Read more