Kapoti The rainy season starts today in the Philippines! How do you say “raincoat” in your language? KAPÓTI • (kuh-POH-ti)raincoatTagálog (Filipino): kapóte EtymologyFrom Spanish capote “cloak” You may want to read: Uran


Pamiganaka This Memorial Day, we remember our Kapampángan fallen heroes and Filipino Scouts who served our nation under the United States Armed Forces during World War II, many of whom are buried at the Clark Veterans Cemetery in Clark, Pampanga. To my veteran Kapampángan elders, ápû & ingkung, who are no longer with me today, … Read more


While atian is the general Kapampángan word for “belly” or “abdomen”, dúngus refers to the internal part of the belly, specifically the stomach. DÚNGUS • (DOO-ngoos)stomachTagálog (Filipino): sikmúrà You may want to read: Lawu


Atian It’s World Digestive Health Day! Here’s the Kapampángan word for the general part of the body that Kapampángans are known to satisfy with their cooking! How do you say “belly” in your language? ATIAN • (uh-CHUHN)belly, abdomenTagálog (Filipino): tiyan You may want to read: Danup


Payung The rainy season has begun today in the Philippines! Don’t forget your umbrellas when going out! Did you know that the Kapampángan word for ‘mushroom’ is derived from the word for ‘umbrella’? PÁYUNG • (PAH-yoong)umbrellaTagálog (Filipino): páyong Derived WordPAYUNG-PAYÚNGAN • (puh-yoong-puh-YOO-nguhn)mushroomSynonym: kabutiTagálog (Filipino): kabuté Verb Conjugationpayúngan, papayúngan, péyúngan – to cover someone/something with an … Read more