It’s the 150th Founding Anniversary of the province of Tarlac as May 28 is Araw ng Lalawigan ng Tarlac or Day of the Province of Tarlac! This northern neighbor of Pampanga and fellow (half-)Kapampángan province is known as the Melting Pot of Central Luzon due to its multicultural setting comprising four main ethnic groups: the … Read more

Kapampangan Flag

Kapampangan Flag A tricolor of red, yellow, and green is traditionally used to represent the Kapampángan identity. A notable usage of this is during the Kapampángan Revolt of 1660 led by Francisco Maniago against forced labor and tribute for the Spanish government. Pampanga & Tarlac on the Philippine Flag On the Philippine flag, Pampanga and … Read more


Lawi Last week was the peak of the hot dry summer season in the Philippines, and with a looming El Niño expected to come next month, here’s a Kapampángan word for the conditions associated with this season and climatic phenomenon. LÁWÎ • (LAH-wee’)drought; (to) dry upTagálog (Filipino): tagtuyót (drought), tuyót (dried up) Verb Conjugationlumáwî, láláwî, … Read more


Mitla (Buddha’s Day) & Buddha’s Birthday is celebrated on varying dates by region this month of May by Buddhists throughout Asia! Here’s a Kapampángan word that is possibly connected to its Sinhala name and is the tree of enlightenment of two past Buddhas! MITLÂ • (mit-LA’)Queen’s crape myrtle (Lagerstroemia speciosa), a medicinal plant growing as … Read more


Pawas The past week has been the peak of the hot dry summer season in the Philippines, so here’s a reminder to always stay hydrated! Here’s the Kapampángan word for “sweat”! PÁWAS • (PAH-wuhs)sweat, perspirationTagálog (Filipino): páwis Derived WordMAPÁWAS • (muh-PAH-wuhs)sweatyTagálog (Filipino): pawís Verb Conjugationmanimáwas, mánimáwas, ménimáwas – to sweat, perspire (Actor Focus)mipáwas, mipapáwas, mípawas … Read more