Paninap | Malalam March 2023 is a month of palindromes as it is full of days that can be read the same forward and backward! (3-20-23 to 3-29-23) Do you know of some palindromes in your language? Here are two common Kapampángan words that are palindromes! We’ve featured “panínap” before, so here’s the Kapampángan word … Read more

Fire in the 12 Major Languages of the Philippines

Fire in the 12 Major Languages of the Philippines How do you say “fire” in your language? March is Fire Prevention Month in the Philippines so let’s take a look back at this special post to celebrate hitting 6000+ followers this month and in observance of Fire Prevention Month! This time, we’re not just featuring … Read more


Machura | Matsura Here’s one of the nicest and most beautiful words in Kapampángan! MACHÚRA / MATSÚRA • (muh-CHOO-ruh)beautiful, good-lookingTagálog (Filipino): pángit Intensive FormKACHÚRA / KATSÚRA • (kuh-CHOO-ruh)so beautifulTagálog (Filipino): ang pángit, ampánget (colloquial) Example SentenceKatsúra mo! / Na kang katsúra! [Kap]Ang pángit mo! [Tag]You’re so beautiful! [Eng] If you’ve made it this far, HAPPY … Read more


Kuentu It was World Story telling Day last week! How do you say “story” in your language? KUÉNTU • (KWEHN-too)storyTagálog (Filipino): kuwénto EtymologyFrom Spanish cuento (“story”) Derived WordMAKUÉNTU • (muh-KWEHN-too)full of stories; talkativeTagálog (Filipino): makuwénto PÁMANGUÉNTU • (PAH-muh-NGWEHN-tu)storytellingTagálog (Filipino): pagkukuwénto Verb Conjugationmanguéntu, mánguéntu, ménguéntu – to tell a story (Actor Focus)magkuéntu, mágkuéntu, migkuéntu – to … Read more


Palaspas Today is Palm Sunday which signals the start of the Holy Week for Filipinos, wherein churchgoers raise their palaspas or palm leaves to be blessed by the priest with holy water and pin them on their doors or windows for a year. It is believed that the blessed palm leaves will take away negativity … Read more