Pawas The past week has been the peak of the hot dry summer season in the Philippines, so here’s a reminder to always stay hydrated! Here’s the Kapampángan word for “sweat”! PÁWAS • (PAH-wuhs)sweat, perspirationTagálog (Filipino): páwis Derived WordMAPÁWAS • (muh-PAH-wuhs)sweatyTagálog (Filipino): pawís Verb Conjugationmanimáwas, mánimáwas, ménimáwas – to sweat, perspire (Actor Focus)mipáwas, mipapáwas, mípawas … Read more


Happy Mothers Day to all our dear Kapampángan mothers who continue to pass down our Amánung Sísuan or “Breastfed Language” to our Kapampángan children! The Kapampángan language has several words for “mother” which may vary by usage and context, the most significant ones of which are indâ, imâ, and indu! “Imâ” is the most common … Read more


Manewu It was International Professional Driver’s Day a few weeks ago! How do you say “drive” in your language? MANÉWU • (muh-NEH-woo)(to) drive (a vehicle)Tagálog (Filipino): maného EtymologyFrom Spanish manejo “handling, driving” Derived WordPÁMAGMANÉWU • (PAH-muhg-muh-NEH-woo)driving, way of drivingTagálog (Filipino): pagmamaného Verb Conjugationmagmanéwu, mágmanéwu, migmanéwu – to drive a vehicle (Actor Focus)manéwan, mamanéwan, minanéwu – … Read more


Mayu It’s the last day of May! How do you say “May” in your language? MÁYU • (MAH-yoo)MayTagálog (Filipino): Máyo EtymologyFrom Spanish mayo (“May”) You may want to read: Bulan


Prisyun It was World Hypertension Day a few weeks ago, a day dedicated to highlighting the importance of monitoring blood pressure and bringing global awareness to the 1 billion people living with high blood pressure worldwide. Here’s the Kapampángan word for “blood pressure”! How do you say “blood pressure” in your language? PRISIUN / PRISYUN … Read more