Marsu It’s the last day of March! How do you say “March” in your language? MÁRSU • (MAHR-soo)MarchTagálog (Filipino): Márso EtymologyFrom Spanish marzo (“March”) You may want to read: Panaun

Colors in Kapampangan

It’s International Color Day, so let’s take a look at the words for the basic colors in Kapampángan! Tell us what your favorite color is in the comments! Warm Colors Pink – (1) LARE (malaré), (2) DÍWÂ (maríwâ)[Tagalog: rósas] Red – LÚTÛ (malútû)[Tagalog: pulá] Orange – KULIÁWAN (magingkuliáwan)[Tagalog: kahél] Yellow – (1) PÁPAS (mapápas), (2) … Read more


Pangasut Today is National Reconciliation Day which also coincides this year with Palm Sunday, the start of the Holy Week. How do you say “reconciliation” in your language? PÁNGASUT • (PAH-nguh-soot)reconciliation, propitiation, atonementTagálog (Filipino): pagkakásundò, pagpapalúbag-loob Example SentenceRomans 5:11Kapampángan:“…king pámamílatan na ning Ginú tang Jésu-Crísto, a king úlí na kimtan támu ngéni ing pángasut.”Tagálog (Filipino):“…sa … Read more


It’s the last Marites, I mean, Martis / Martés of the month! How do you say “Tuesday” in your language? MARTIS • (muhr-TIS)TuesdayTagálog (Filipino): Martés EtymologyFrom Spanish martes (“Tuesday”) You may want to read: Lunis Webis


Kalamunding Did you know that the English word calamondin, which refers to the Philippine lime (popularly known as calamansi in the Philippines), comes from the Kapampángan language? It was International Lime Day earlier this month, so here’s the Kapampángan word for the Philippine lime or calamansi! KALAMUNDING • (kuh-luh-moon-DING)calamansi, calamondin, Philippine lime (Citrus × microcarpa)Tagálog … Read more