Duldul May is Thunderstorm Month in the Philippines as per PAGASA, the Philippine weather bureau, so here’s the Kapampángan word for “thunder” on the last Thor’s day of May! Thunderstorms frequently occur in the afternoon or evening during this month as the Philippine hot and dry summer season shifts to the rainy season. DULDUL • … Read more


Webis It’s the last Thursday of the month! How do you say “Thursday” in your language? WÉBIS • (WEH-bis)ThursdayTagálog (Filipino): Huwébes EtymologyFrom Spanish jueves (“Thursday”) You may want to read: Lunis Sabadu


Alak It’s National Wine Day! The word for wine or any alcoholic drink in the Philippine languages comes from an Arabic word that means “perspiration” or “distillate”! ÁLAK • (AH-luhk)wine, liquor, alcoholic drinkTagálog (Filipino): álak EtymologyFrom Arabic عرق (ʿaraq) which literally means “perspiration” or “distillate”, via Malay arak “alcoholic drink”. The Arabic word is the … Read more


Koya Happy National Brothers Day! Let’s show our appreciation to our brothers and brotherly figures today. KÓYA • (KOH-yuh)older brotherTagálog (Filipino): kúya EtymologyFrom Hokkien 哥仔 (ko͘-iá) or 哥兄 (ko͘-hiaⁿ) (appellation for older brother)Partly related to Korean 형 (hyeong) [hanja: 兄] “older brother of a male” Usage Notes“Kóya” in Kapampángan means “older brother”. It can also … Read more


Kambal It’s Gemini season! How do you say “twin” in your language? KAMBAL • (kuhm-BUHL)twinsTagálog (Filipino): kambál Derived WordKAKAMBAL • (kuh-kuhm-BUHL)co-twin, one of the twinsTagálog (Filipino): kakambál