Pawu It’s World Turtle Day! The concept of reverse psychology in Kapampángan is expressed with a verb that originates from the Kapampángan root word for “turtle”! PAÛ / PAWÛ • (puh-WOO’)turtle, sea turtleTagálog (Filipino): pagóng, pawíkan (sea turtle) Kapampángan Reverse PsychologyThe concept of reverse psychology is expressed in Kapampángan with the verb magpawû (magpauo in … Read more


Aklap Did you know that Kapampángan has a unique word that means “to spread light throughout the world”? AKLAP • (uhk-LUHP)spread of sunlight over the Earth’s surface Verb Conjugationmaklap, mámaklap, miklap – for light to spread throughout the world (Actor Focus) You may want to read: Lusis Aslag

Munag Sumala

Munag Sumala Kapampangan history and mythology commenced with the great war in heaven. Aring Sinukuan, the god of the sun, war, and death, had four offspring – the first of them is Munag Sumala, the goddess of dawn. Munag Sumala is the radiance by which you can tell that the morning is about to break … Read more

Sala | Sulu

Sala/Sulu Did you know that Kapampángan has two words for light that distinguish between natural and artificial light? Also featured is Binibing Pilipinas 2023 Pampanga candidate @lyrapunsalan’s National Costume designed by @maktumang and inspired by Manag Sumala, the Kapampángan goddess of dawn whose name means “first light”! SÁLÂ • (SAH-la’)light (radiant source; natural), brightness, clarityTagálog … Read more


Indu  Another Kapampángan word for mother is indu, which sounds more symbolic and figurative compared to inda and imâ and is often encountered in literature, prayers, or songs. INDÛ • (in-DOO’)mother (symbolic, honorific, or literary)Tagálog (Filipino): iná Usage Note“Indû” is a more symbolic or honorific term for “mother” and often sounds poetic or literary. It … Read more