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What is Uway?

Discover about this endemic plant which is abundant in the tropical rainforests of Bohol and learn its economic value in our industry.

Uway is the local name of Rattan, one of the endemic plants on the island of Bohol which grows in tropical rainforests.

The Uway (Callamus microcarpus var. microcarpus Becc.) belongs to the palm family, found throughout the Philippines. It is found in primary forests from low to medium elevation. It is a spiny and clambering palm that reaches 10 meters in length and could even reach the forest canopy.

In Bohol, uway is considered of high economic value alongside tangal, nipa, nito, and ube. The municipalities of Antequera, Catigbian, and Guindulman have been identified as top producers of rattan raw materials. The plant’s stem is peeled off and stripped into strands and because rattan is light, flexible, and durable, it is used for various purposes especially as weaving materials for thatching traditional nipa roof, fish traps, and also in furniture and handicraft making. It can also be used as a cane and the rattan stick as a weapon used in Arnis, a Filipino martial art.

The sustainability of rattan farming and the rattan industry depends on the stability of the tropical forest environment. Globally, the forests’ biggest threats are deforestation and forest degradation. As responsible citizens, we must support the development, protection, conservation, and rehabilitation of our forest lands.

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