Only 4 strains of dengue virus recorded in the Philippines

There are only 4 strains of dengue virus recorded in the Philippines. DOH clarifies that there are no mutant strains being monitored or recorded.

DOH clarifies that there are no mutant strains of dengue virus being monitored or reported in the Philippines. Among the 4 recorded dengue strains, DENV-3 is the predominant strain in the country this year.

DENV-3 and DENV-4 cause the usual symptoms of fever, muscle pains, headaches, loss of appetite, vomiting, and diarrhea.

DENV-1 causes pain behind the eyes while DENV-2 is more associated with the symptoms of nose bleeding and blood-streaked vomiting.

The issue on the new strain of the dengue virus circulated as a result of a misquoted DOH official. Neither the DOH official nor the Secretary of Health mentioned a new strain of dengue virus.


Protect Yourself Against Mosquito Bites | Image Source: @DOHgov

No one is safe from Dengue.

Protect yourself against mosquito bites. Fight Dengue disease.

  • Detect and destroy breeding places of mosquitoes.
  • Use mosquito repellants.
  • Maintain cleanliness indoors and outdoors.
  • Clean the clogged canals to prevent mosquitoes from breeding.
  • Keep the interior of your house clean and bright. Mosquitoes often live in the darker parts of the house.

Immediately consult with the nearest health facility in case you have a fever.

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