A Diplomata Catering and Food Sourcing

a diplomata catering and food sourcing
A Diplomata Catering and Food Sourcing | Image Credit: @DFAPHL


Are you craving for Filipino foods in Portugal? Try pork barbeque, chicken adobo, and vegetable spring rolls at A Diplomata Catering and Food Sourcing in Lisbon.

A Diplomata Catering and Food Sourcing is located at Rua Galvao, 1400-177, Lisbon, Portugal.

A Diplomata’s best-sellers are

  • Pork Barbecue,
  • Chicken Adobo, and
  • Vegetable Spring Rolls.


Pork Barbecue

Grilled thinly sliced pork, marinated in a special mixture of seasonings and special sauce.


Chicken Adobo

Slowly cooked all-natural chicken on the bone, braised in a citrus marinade and seasoned perfectly with a secret family spice blend.


Vegetable Spring Rolls

Fried and crunchy spring rolls made of cabbage, carrots, and bean sprout.


Food price range from 1 Euro to 13 Euro.

A Diplomata has a website at http://www.adiplomata.com and a facebook page at /adiplomata.

For inquiries, you may call +351 913 612 328 or send an email at healthy@adiplomata.com



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