Adobo Restaurant in Oman

adobo restaurant
Adobo Restaurant | Image Credit: @DFAPHL

Are you craving for Filipino food in Oman? Try Kamayan boodle fight, Balbacua, and Adobo Pinauga at Adobo Restaurant in Muscat, Oman.

Adobo Restaurant is located at Darvesh Building (near Muscat City Center Mall), Al Mawaleh Seeb, Muscat, Oman.

Adobo Restaurant’s Best Sellers are:

  1. Boodle Fight
  2. Balbacua
  3. Adobo Pinauga

Boodle Fight is kamayan (barehand) style of eating, with Filipino food spread on top of banana leaves.

Balbacua is a popular dish in the southern Philippines, from the Spanish word “barbacoa” which means cooking meat very slowly.

Adobo Pinauga is dried and almost fried chicken adobo.

The food price ranges from .800 Omani Rial to 2.2 Omani Rial.

You may visit Adobo Restaurant’s Facebook page at /adobo.afc.7 or its Instagram account at @adoborestaurant.

The restaurant’s telephone number is 95900954.

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