Bureau of Corrections 9 Commonly Asked Questions

Questions Most Commonly Asked About the Bureau of Corrections (Bucor)


1. Where is Bucor located?

The Philippines Bureau of Corrections’ address is NBP Reservation, Muntinlupa City, Postal Code 1776.


2. Is it true that only high-profile criminals are confined in Bucor?

The BuCor shall be in charge of safekeeping and instituting reformation programs to national inmates sentenced to more than three (3) years. Those convicted of imprisonment less than 3 years shall serve their sentences in local jails under the jurisdiction of the Bureau of Jail Management and Penology.


3. How many prisons fall under the jurisdiction of Bucor?

BuCor has (7) prison and penal farms to decongest existing penal institutions and accommodate the increasing number of inmates committed to the agency. These 7 prison facilities are:

  • New Bilibid Prison
  • Correctional Institute For Women
  • Davao Prison and Penal Farm
  • Iwahig Prison and Penal Farm
  • San Ramon Prison and Penal Farm
  • Sablayan Prison and penal Farm
  • Leyte Regional Prison

4. What is the rank of the head of the Bucor?

The Head of the BuCor, with the rank of Undersecretary, shall have the position and title of Director General of Corrections.


5. What is the Bureau of Corrections Logo?

bureau of corrections logo
Bureau of Corrections Logo

6. Who is the head of the Bureau of Corrections?

The Bureau of Corrections Director is former PNP Director General Ronald “Bato” Dela Rosa.


7. Is Bucor under the PNP?

The Department of Justice exercises administrative supervision over the Bureau of Corrections. PNP is under the supervision of the Department of Interior and Local Government.


8. How much is the salary of a prison guard?

An entry-level non-commissioned correctional officer or Corrections Officer 1 has a salary grade 10. Salary Grade 10 is equivalent to 18,718 pesos based on the third tranche of the salary standardization law.

An entry-level commissioned correctional officer or Corrections Inspector has a salary grade 22. Salary Grade 22 is equivalent to 58,717 pesos based on the third tranche of the salary standardization law.


9. What is the Bureau of Corrections Contact Number?

Bureau of Corrections contact Number is

  • 809-2368
  • 478-9888
  • 478-4777
  • 478-3597
  • +632 850-50-02
  • +632 807-23-68

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