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liberator of ilocos
Diego Silang “liberator of Ilocos” | Lahi Philippines


Today, December 16 is the birth anniversary of Diego Silang, the liberator of Ilocos.

In exchange for rewards from Audiencia, allegedly Diego Silang was killed by his close friends Miguel Vicos and Pedro Becbec in his fortress in Bigan. Let’s not do what they did to the “liberator of Ilocos”.

Diego Silang exploited Spain’s weakness in the “seven years war” to break down the Spanish government in Ilocos.

During his leadership, other Filipinos had the opportunity to become officers and government officials in the north.

Diego Silang was born on December 16, 1730, and he passed away on May 28, 1763.

Kapalit ng pabuya mula sa Audiencia, sinasabing pinatay si Diego Silang ng mga malalapit  na kaibigang sina Miguel Vicos at Pedro Becbec sa kanyang kuta sa Bigan. Wag natin  silang tularan.

Sinamantala niya ang kahinaan ng Espana noong pitong taong digmaan upang pabagsakin ang kanilang pamahalaan sa Ilocos.

Sa kanyang pamumuno, nagkaroon ng pagkakataon ang iba pang Filipino na maging opisyales sa norte.

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