Munag Sumala

munag sumala
Munag Sumala by Mak Tumang | @kapampangan.words

Munag Sumala

Kapampangan history and mythology commenced with the great war in heaven. Aring Sinukuan, the god of the sun, war, and death, had four offspring – the first of them is Munag Sumala, the goddess of dawn.

Munag Sumala is the radiance by which you can tell that the morning is about to break out. Munag refers to the first light not just of the sun but also of the moon that’s about to rise on the horizon. It’s also a verb: mamunag, memunag, meaning to radiate the little light.

Represented by the golden serpent, the costume’s bodice is fashioned with golden embroidered scales, while the skin is sublimed with embroidered Kapampangan writing system – the Kulitan.

Exuding the strength and shrewdness of the Kapampangan woman, Munag Sumala is a reminder that in the hour of darkness, there is hope.