Cry of Pugad Lawin

The Cry of Pugad Lawin, August 23, 1896, In the then hilly sitio in Balintawak, the katipuneros tore their “cedulas,” officially launching the Philippine revolution against  Spain. On August 23, 1896, in a then hilly and forested sitio of Pugad Lawin in Balintawak, now part of Quezon City, the Katipuneros led by Andres Bonifacio tore … Read more

Who is Francisco Dagohoy?

Francisco Dagohoy led the longest Filipino uprising against the Spanish in 1744 to 1828. Although the uprising was sparked by personal reasons, there were 3,000 people who accompanied him to the mountains where they lived freely, without discrimination, and live in peace for 85 years. Pinangunahan niya ang pinakamahabang pag-aaklas ng mga Filipino laban sa … Read more

Quirino LRT Station

  The Quirino LRT Station is located between Pedro Gil station and Vito Cruz station. Quirino LRT Station was named after the 6th President of the Philippines, Elpidio Rivera Quirino. Quirino was among the Filipino delegates who went to Washington D.C. for an independence mission that paved the way for the freedom of the Philippines … Read more

Araw ng Kagitingan (Day of Valor)

Most veterans living today were just a teenager forced to fight in the war and fight for our freedom. If you know something, you’re lucky. Do not forget to thank these war veterans. Araw ng Kagitingan (day of valor) commemorates the heroism of Filipino and American soldiers at the Battle of Bataan. The Bataan Peninsula … Read more

Know the DFA Alert Levels

The DFA alert levels are assigned by the Philippine Department of Foreign Affairs to destinations which reflect how DFA evaluates the threats that travelers may face in a certain destination. These alert levels shed light on the risks that travelers and OFWs may potentially encounter at their country of destination or present whereabouts. The DFA … Read more