Anagolay “Goddess of Lost Things”

Anagolay “Goddess of Lost Things” | Image Credit: Lahi


Anagolay is known as the goddess of lost things. She is the mother of the god of the sun, Apolaki. Anagolay is the only offspring of Lakapati, the goddess of fertility and Mapulon, the god of the seasons.(soulcatcherdotblog)

An asteroid was named after her. It was recommended by a Filipino student named Mohammad  Alon and won from the thousands of names passed by 85 countries in the Space Generation Advisory Council.

Anagolay was the daughter of two major Tagalog deities–Ikapati and Mapulon. When she reached the right age, she married the hunter Dumakulem and gave birth to two more deities: Apolaki and Dian Masalanta, the ancient gods of sun and lovers, respectively. (Tagalog Mythology)