Ay Kalisud (Ah, Misery)

ay kalisud
Ay Kalisud (Ah, Misery), 1910 | Image Source: @NCCAOfficial

Ay Kalisud (Ah, Misery), 1910

Ah, misery

Misery of the abandoned
Night and day
Always, I weep for you
Ah, Inday
Fortune lost
Can make me happy

Ay ay kalisud

Kalisud sang binayaan
Adlaw gab-i
Firme kita guina tangisan
Ahay Inday
Nga walay sing kapalaran
Walay guid
Walay guid
Sarang co kalipayan

The somber minor key and brooding Hiligaynon lyrics make this traditional song an intensely romantic, sighing piece. Its lyrics speak of the despair of one who has been abandoned by the beloved. The song was performed in public by National Artist Jovita Fuentes in 1919 at a concert sponsored by Asociacion Musical de Filipinas. She recorded the song for Odeon Records of Germany in 1928.