On this day, July 27

By | July 27, 2019
july 27, 1986

Image Source: @edhistoryph


On this day, July 27 in 1986, a group of Marcos loyalists mauled and killed 23-year-oldĀ  Stephen Salcedo for wearing a yellow shirt at Rizal Park during a loyalist rally.

The loyalists had been chasing and beating up anyone wearing yellow following the police dispersal of their rally for lack of a permit. Bystanders were able to rush Salcedo to the Philippine General Hospital but died on arrival.





Iglesia ni Cristo | Image Source: @edhistoryph


On this day, July 27, in 1914, Iglesia ni Cristo was founded by Felix Manalo. Iglesia ni Cristo was once only a handful of followers in Sta. Ana, Manila. Now, the largest homegrown Christian church in the Philippines has more than 2 million members.


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