On This Day, May 10

  On this day, on May 10, 1956, the Reparations Agreement between the Philippines and Japan was signed in Manila. Under the agreement, $550-million worth of Japanese goods and services will be delivered to The Philippines, as Japan’s reparation and settlement of claims for damages caused by World War II.   1897 On this day … Read more

On This Day, May 8

On this day, May 8,  in 1570, Spanish conquistadors Martin de Goiti and Juan de Salcedo, nephew of Miguel Lopez de Legazpi, arrived in the Kingdom of Maynilad from Panay while on a mission to explore the northern portion of the Philippines. The local rulers, Rajah Matanda and his nephew Rajah Sulayman welcomed and engaged … Read more

Tagalog Society: Pre-Colonial Manila, 3 Social Classes

The Tagalog Society had a three (3) class social structure made up of nobility, freemen, and slaves. Maginoo (Ruling Class) Timawa and Maharlika (Freemen) Alipin (Slaves) Maginoo (Ruling Class) The Lakan or Rajah was the paramount Datu of a large town (bayan). The term hari (king) was only used to refer to foreign monarchs and … Read more

On This Day, May 7

On this day, May 7, A phreatic eruption of Mayon Volcano in Albay province killed four  (4) German climbers and their Filipino guide half a kilometer away from the volcano’s crater. The event led to a ban on future hiking and climbing activities in Mayon Volcano. The eruption spewed steam and rocks that fell on … Read more