LAGASLAS is an activity of TAGA-ALOG, ILOG PASIG: BALIK TANAW, BALIK SIGLA!  a campaign by the National Commission for Culture and the Arts – a creative campaign for the promotion of Ilog Pasig as a space for cultural identity and collective memory.

On this occasion, a children’s story writing workshop will be held.


Are you a writer and want to learn how to write a story for children? Join the
LAGASLAS Children’s Story Writing Workshop!

Registration is free.

To register, just go to this link in your browser and answer
the questions and upload an example of your story.

The registration form can also be downloaded here at, complete the form, attach it to the email with two examples of your story, and send to this email address

The Lagaslas children’s story writing workshop will be held on August 11-12, 2018 at Precious Pages Building, 16 Sto. Domingo Ave., Quezon City.

For more of your questions and inquiries, you can send an email to or send a text message to 09164868696.

Lagaslas is presented by TAGA-ALOG, NCCA, Lampara Books, and Philippine Educational Theater Association (PETA).