What is cultural heritage?

what is cultural heritage
What is cultural heritage? | Image Source: NCCAOfficial

What is cultural heritage?

Cultural heritage shall refer to the totality of cultural property preserved and developed through time and passed on to posterity.

What is cultural property?

Cultural property shall refer to all products of human creativity by which a people and a nation reveal their identity; whether public or privately-owned, movable or immovable, and tangible or intangible.

Types of cultural heritage

1. Tangible heritage

Tangible heritage refers to the totality of cultural property with historical, archival, anthropological, archaeological, artistic, and architectural value and with exceptional or traditional production whether of Philippine origin or not, including antiques and natural history specimens with significant value.

a. Tangible moveable heritage – artifacts, costumes, weaponry, instruments, books, artworks, religious items, etc.

b. Tangible built heritage – church, mosques, schools, government buildings, streets, parks/monuments, etc.

c. Natural heritage with cultural significance – mountains, volcanoes, forests, caves, rice fields, plants, animals, rocks, minerals, etc.

2 Intangible heritage

Intangible heritage includes traditions or living expressions inherited from our ancestors and passed on to our descendants.

a. Oral traditions
b. Performing arts
c. Social practices, ritual, festive events
d. Knowledge and practices concerning nature and universe
e. Knowledge and skills to produce traditional crafts

May is Philippine National Heritage Month.

Source: NCCAOfficial

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