On this day, June 22

On this day, June 22, in 1920, Filipino statesman and lawyer Jovito Salonga was born in Pasig, Rizal Province. He is an outspoken critic of President Ferdinand Marcos and his declaration of Martial Law, earning him the moniker of “The Nation’s Fiscalizer.” He was arrested for subversion in 1980 but was released. He went on … Read more

On this day, June 21

On this day, June 21, in 2005, former Manila Archbishop Jaime Cardinal Sin died of renal failure at the age of 76 at the Cardinal Santos Medical Center in San Juan City, Metro Manila. He was a leading opposition figure during the Marcos regime and the 1986 EDSA People Power Revolution. With his death, the … Read more

On This Day, June 19

On this day, June 19, aside from celebrating the 158th birth anniversary of Dr.Jose Rizal,  is the 69th anniversary of the inauguration of the re-built Rizal home in Calamba. Known today as the Rizal Shrine Calamba (Museo ni Jose Rizal Calamba). The picture above shows the meeting on inauguration day among, Jose Rizal’s sister, Trinidad … Read more

Is it true that rain will make you ill?

Is it true that getting wet from the rain will make you ill? Your elders, mother, father, and other relatives always remind you to stay away from the rain because it can cause cough, colds, fever, and diarrhea. But is it true? In the “Good News” program of the GMA Network, Dr.Edwin Bien explains that it … Read more

Mangechay ‘Great Elder” Kapampangan Region

Mangechay is the equivalent of Bathala in the myth of the Kapampangan. He is known as a weaver, it is said that the sky is his masterpiece and the starlight is caused by small holes in his weave. He leads the universe for millennia. (Kapampangan Mythology) Siya ang katumbas ni Bathala sa mitolohiya ng mga … Read more