Who is Amihan?

According to the stories, Amihan saved our ancestors, “Malakas and Maganda” from the confinement of a bamboo. She is one of the first three creatures in the world, including Bathala (Heaven) and Aman-Sinaya (Sea). She claims to have no gender and is symbolized by a golden bird. (Filipino Mythology) Ayon sa mga kwento, si Amihan … Read more

Arturo Alcaraz “Father of Geothermal Energy”

Arturo Alcaraz is considered as the Father of Geothermal Energy in the Philippines. He graduated at the top of his class from Baguio City High School in 1933. But there was no school of mining in the Philippines, so he entered the College of Engineering, University of the Philippines in Manila. A year later–when Mapua … Read more

Libulan, God of the Moon, Patron God of Homosexuality

According to other stories, Sidapa (God of Death) was attracted to the beauty of the moon. He courted him without thinking that they belong to the same-sex. It is said that until now they are still together and happy living in Mt.Madjaas in Panay. (Filipino Mythology) Ayon sa ibang kwento, naakit ng kagandahan ng buwan … Read more

Who is Atang Dela Rama?

Atang Dela Rama is a national artist for theater and music queen of Kundiman. She fought for the advancement of art for everyone so she brought the kundiman and sarsuela not only to big theaters in Manila but also to cockpit arenas and plazas in the provinces and in the distant places of the natives. … Read more

Battle of Zapote Bridge

The Battle of Zapote Bridge occurred on June 13, 1899. There were 5,000 Filipinos against 3,000 American soldiers. The Battle of Zapote bridge is the largest and best-organized body of men which had yet to meet American troops as described by the New York Times. (lahi) The action at Zapote, Cavite is also known as … Read more