On this day, July 10

By | July 10, 2019

Dolphy | Image Source: @edhistoryph | NCCA via Flickr


On this day, July 10,  in 2012, Filipino comedian and actor Rodolfo Vera Quizon Sr., more popularly known as Dolphy, died at the age of 83 due to severe pneumonia and renal failure.

Regarded as the Philippines’ King of Comedy, Dolphy has appeared in over 200 radio dramas, films and TV shows since 1946.

Among his popular films and shows include

  • Facifica Falayfay,
  •  Captain Barbell,
  • Jack en Jill,
  • Buhay Artista,
  • John en Marsha, and
  • Home Along Da Riles.

He was born on July 25, 1928, in Tondo, Manila.

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