Sangre Gang Leader Killed By Police In A Shoot-Out


The Leader of the notorious Sangre Gang involved in gun for

hire and illegal drug selling activities has been killed by

the police in a shoot-out.


Sangre Gangs hideout in Malabon, Philippines has been located

by the police and an operation to arrest the gang members were

conducted by the the joint operation of Malabon and Navotas



The Police Operation lasted 3 hours before the Sangre Gang

members numbering at least 10 persons were arrested.


One police officer was injured.


The Malabon Police and Navotas police encircled the area where

the suspects are located. The Police was positive that the

leader of Sangre Gang is inside the house.


Even before the police has a chance to enter the house, shots

were fired from the inside. Exchanges of gun fire were heard

by the residents.


Few moments later, a policeman was seen being carried by fellow

policemen. He was shot in his right leg.


The Firefight was fierce and no residents were able to come

near the area and even the media was prohibited by the police

to come close.


The Members of the Sangre Gang were fully armed. The Police

said that just this morning, the gang killed someone in


Navotas which resulted in the joint operation of the Navotas

and Malabon police to arrest the suspects.


Senior Superintendent Edgardo Danao, NPD District Director said

that his men followed up the case immediately after a person

was killed in Navotas.


1 PM in the afternoon, 4 of the suspects were arrested. One

hour later, 3 more suspects were also arrested.



Some of the suspects denied that they are members of the

Sangre Gang.


The Body of the slain lider of the Sangre Gang, identified as

Jose Sangre was brought out of the house at 4 PM.


The Arrested persons in the meantime will be investigated by

the police to determine if they are members of the gang.


Some of the residents claimed that some of those arrested are

just friends of those living in the raided house and some

are just guest.